6 Types of Roof Damages That Require Emergency Repair

Your home’s roof is undoubtedly a primary line of defense against harsh external elements such as wind, sun, rain, and storms. That’s why it’s essential to have a functional, structurally strong roof at all times.

But, several things can compromise the overall integrity of your roof. In some situations, this takes place in an instant — such as due to a lightning strike or strong winds from a hurricane.

If your home has sustained any of the below-mentioned types of roof damage, it’s time to consult with an emergency roofer so they can better address the issues.


1. Water Damage

Water damage is among the most common and insidious things that can negatively affect your roof and frequently necessitate emergency repair. The causes behind the water damage in your roof are numerous, including a hurricane, heavy rain or snow, or just roofing materials breaking down over time.

Water can seep into joints, under shingles, and inside flashing, which may start damaging the interior of your home, mostly unbeknownst to you.


2. Pest Damage

Do you have mice or pests in your home? It’s possible that mice and other small rodents, such as squirrels, chipmunks, or even rats, have made their way onto your roof due to overhanging trees around your home. When this takes place, these pests and rodents can quickly chew the roofing materials or make tiny holes and use them as their entry points into your attic.

They can cause enormous amounts of damage in a short time span. To recover damages, you must contact one of the best-performing professional roofers for emergency roof repair services.


3. Storm Damage

If you reside in an area that’s susceptible to violent weather, such as hurricanes, tornadoes, or heavy snow, your home’s roof may sustain storm damage over time.

If you notice a heavy amount of precipitation, it’s best to inspect your roof to ensure shingles haven’t blown off and that flashing and other parts are intact to avoid roof leaks.


4. Wind Damage

The same applies to winds. Heavy winds can often cause blown-off shingles, which may expose the underlying wooden structure to rain and other weather elements. Eventually, this may cause weakness, swelling, or wood rot, leading to a roof leak.


5. Damage from Neglect

Exclusively, if you move into any older property, it’s important to hire a roof inspector as they pay close attention to the condition of your home’s roof. They can let you know that your home’s roof needs to be repaired.

You might see moss growing or notice any discoloration, sagging, or broken parts. On the contrary, you may notice leaks inside your home. However, it’s advised to ensure that people selling homes haven’t taken great lengths to deal with expensive roof issues.


6. Tree Damage

If the tree falls on your house, whether it’s small or large, there’s a great chance the roof will sustain minor and major damages. In that case, you must have a specialized roof contractor that will inspect your home’s roof after the tree falls.

After a detailed inspection, they can offer you repair and replacement services to recover the damages to your roof.